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Blue Light and Your Health

There is much discussion today about blue light and it is often presented in a most simplistic way. Like most subjects there is much more to understand.

Blue light makes up a range from 38mn to 500mn, this light is considered high energy. An example of that is when light leaves the sun early—in the morning the light has a violet to blue appearance and at twilight the se sky is very red, which displays the energy pattern. High energy light moves very fast and arrives first. In the evening the sky is red due to the fact that red is low energy moving and moves much slower ultimately the last to arrive as the sun sets.

This moves us to the next point that not all blue light is harmful. The wavelength between 465mn to 495mn is beneficial for everyday health. It aids in our physiological function; sleep/wake cycle, memory papillary constriction etc.

On the other side of the coin the extremely high energy ranging from 415mn to 455mn is harmful to the retinal cells. This range was identified by an experiment performed by Essilor and Paris Institute. To list a few of the issues associated with high energy is the development of Cataracts, senile macular degeneration, and pterygiums.

There are ways to protect the eyes from this harmful ray and still allow beneficial light to enter the eye and continue to aid in their natural function. Aside from properly made lenses that are designed to filter out the harmful rays, Lutein with Zeaxanthin can aid in adding absorption material around the macular providing added protection to the macular area of the retina and ultimately giving your eyes the protection they need from harmful rays.

Finding the right supplement to take can be tricky as many Lutein vitamins may not include Zeaxanthin, which is critical in protecting the macular area of the retina. You can find eye doctor approved supplements on our eye store.

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